The Hypermedia API Framework

Backend-PHP is a rapid development framework that encourages and supports Hypermedia API design principles.

Why Backend

Use Only the Best

Backend encourages you to stand on the shoulders of giants by making it easy to incorporate components from projects such as PEAR, Zend and Symfony. Switch, Add and Replace as you needed.

Backend-PHP is built on multiple tiers, each one building on the ones below it. If you only need the interfaces provided by Interfaces, only use that tier. If you want to use Core as the starting point for your own framework, you only need Interfaces and Core.


The Interfaces tier provides a number of Interfaces that clearly defines and documents the classes and methods used in Backend. This makes it easier for programmers to extend the framework and replace components. composer require backend/interfaces
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The Core tier provides a solid, independent platform on which to build a web framework or application. It defines a simple architecture that ensures a structured system, and provides basic functionality that is used in the majority of web apps. composer require backend/core
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The Base tier extends the Core tier to provide more general but still often used functionality, as well as sane defaults. This extended functionality helps the developer to focus on building a web application, and not an application framework.


The Modules tier consists of independent modules that can be used in- or outside of the Backend framework. These modules each focus on a single purpose or function, and uses the interfaces provided by the Interfaces tier to enhance interoperability.